plan your ROUTE

Many of your trips can be simple, enjoyable walks and rides right in your own neighborhood. Consider walking or bicycling to the coffee shop for a leisurely Saturday morning meeting with a friend. Walk to the park with your kids. Or, consider riding your bicycles to a local restaurant for dinner.

Sometimes though, you may want to plan an outing and explore new destinations across town. The resources below will help you create a plan, find new ideas, and track how far you’ve traveled by bicycle or on foot.

- Twin Cities Bicycle Routes















Minneapolis Street Map

Check out this street map for your route planning around Minneapolis.

- St. Paul Street Map

Click to view this street map for your route planning in St. Paul.

- Ramsey County Biking/Walking Trails

Hiking and bicycling trails all over Ramsey County.

- Hennepin County Bike Map

Bicycle maps from across Hennepin County.

- Map My Walk

Map My Walk is a great tool for tracking your activity and progress. Sign up for a free account to be able to take advantage of maps, tracking features, and the option to connect with others working to be more active.

- Cyclopath

A bicycling resource that allows you to find and map courses that meet your needs, participate in discussions, and get updated information and customized views of potential routes.